Closing the Distance Staff
Wade Britt
Stonewall, LA
Years Hunting: I’ve hunted all my life and was introduced to hunting by my father Raleigh Britt. Like most people, gun hunting was our standard way of pursuing game animals such as whitetail deer and those are memories that can never be replaced. While gun hunting is what I was raised on, I haven’t touched a rifle in 8 years, which is about the time I purchased my first bow. Since that time, I’ve had the pleasure of hunting states such as Illinois, Kansas and of course my home state of Louisiana. Along the way I’ve developed a passion for videoing hunts and that passion is almost as strong as my love for archery hunting.
Years On Staff: 2016 is my first season with CTD team.
Behind the Scenes: I work in the paper industry and am fortunate to get to travel all across the United States providing product solutions to customers who need to stay competitive in an ever-shrinking industry. Supporting me at home is my best friend and wife Alanna as well as my two sons Trenton and Caden.
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