Closing the Distance Staff
Chad Stevenson
Montgomery, TX
Years Hunting: I started hunting with my dad when I was old enough to carry a gun, of course it was a pellet gun. I shot my 1st whitetail at the age of 13. It was just a nubbin buck, but I have been hooked on whitetails ever since. Growing up, I spent every waking moment I could in the woods fishing, hunting, trapping, or just climbing trees until dark or until someone came looking for me. If you ask my wife she would say not much has changed.
Years On Staff: I started filming for 'Closing the Distance' television show in 2006 after becoming good friends with Matt and Johhny. We all hit it off right away and shared a lot of the same interests as well as our love for God and the great outdoors along with a passion for video and bowhunting.
Behind the Scenes: I am happily married to my gorgeous wife Kimberly and have two wonderful boys, Chandler and Braeden. I currently reside in Conroe, Texas where I am the owner of ElusiveWildlife Technologies, LLP. When I am not hunting or behind the camera you will catch me fishing or spending time with my family and friends. I enjoy hunting and filming because it is bar none, hands down the biggest rush there is! There is simply nothing in this world that compares to harvesting any beautiful creature with archery equipment and on camera to boot! I get even more nervous and excited when I am behind the the camera rooting for the guy in the hot seat while trying my best to capture the whole hunt on video to be experienced and shared again and again for years to come.
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