Closing the Distance Staff
DeWayne Pace
Henderson, TX
Years Hunting: I've been hunting since I was 15 years old. After watching CTD I went and bought my first bow and haven't picked up a gun since. One of the highlights of my life is meeting & joining up with the great Prostaff members of CTD. Was introduced to Johnny and Matt to get some help on setting up my bow, this lead to going hog hunting with Johnny on a local ranch and then to Kansas with Matt. Being filmed hunting is a rush, but filming one is just as exciting. The best part of bowhunting is not filling your tags but rather the quest.
Years On Staff: Starting hunting with CTD in 2008.
Behind the Scenes: I currently work for Black Gold Compression as a Field Technician. I'm married to Regina Pace, kids Kendall & Colton Casey. I also build and race dirt track cars. I've raced since 1997 and I'm a 5 time Track Champ.
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