Bowhunters Journal
2008 Season Recap
March 3, 2009

Hunter: CTD Pro-Staff
Camera: CTD Pro-Staff
Dates: Sept-Feb
Location: TX, KS, OK, AL
Weapons: Mathews DXT, Mathews Drenlin, Mathews Switchback XT, Crossbow, Navajo Longbow

I thought I'd share with you our success' & bloopers from the '08-'09 Deer Season.

The Hunt:
On a positive note we finished the year with 26 bucks being taken on film with a bow, plus numerous does and hogs. We'll have a great TV lineup for this fall.

We also had a few bloopers along the way...but that's bowhunting. Here's a couple of examples.

A huge 175" megabuck got past us at 15 yards - an arrow was fired but you want believe what happened next...

We had a monster 10 point on us at 13 yards...mid-morning; sun glare right in the cameralense....crazy footage!

Coues hunt with the "BigHat" a lot more.

Overall the staff did an awesome job. The hunts are great. We'll start the episodes out with Pro-Staffer Steve Hurd on 3 whitetail hunts in West Texas. On show #2; you'll join Brandy Moore on her first buck hunt then follow me as I hunt a buck that busted me the year before. I'll have the Episode Lineup posted on the site soon.

Thanks for all your support and please join us this Fall on Versus.

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