Bowhunters Journal
Big Hogs!
July 18, 2008

Hunter: Matt Moore
Camera: Hunter Moore & Brandy Moore
Dates: June & July; all night time
Location: East Texas
Weather: Hot
Phase: Hog hunting is open year around in TX
Weapons: Mathews XT
Strategies: Night time spot & stalk

Do you have hogs? Well we certainly do here in East Texas. They cause us a lot of problems but a lot of fun to bowhunt. On our family farm I keep protein feeders going year around for the deer and at times the hogs can take them over. I've been reluctant to enclose the feeders with hog panels because I enjoy the hunt and the sausage and the ribs and the chops...wild hog meat helps keep the Moore freezer full. Because I live on the property I can easily keep up with the hogs. I know when their actively at a feeder so it makes it fun to hunt.

The Hunt:
Back at the beginning of the summer my dad and I ran electricity from my house out to one of the feeders - about 100 yards. My plan was to get some stalking footage under the lights for a hog episode. The first night the lights were up I slammed a 100lb sow - it was a blast. About 3 days later 5 big boars were under the lights and I smoked a 150lb boar - pretty neat footage. About a month later I noticed my protein feeder was damaged, sure sign of a monster hog. A few days later I looked under the lights (11:00pm...had to get up from bed to pee) and the big hog was back! He was huge!!! I didn't want to wake my wife or son to film so I grabbed the 25-06. I walked outside and put the scope on his shoulder - started to squeeze the trigger but didn't. I had second thoughts...I wanted to get this monster on film. Then suddenly the big boar started tearing up my feeder (trying the knock out feed) - I quickly went back to hunt mode - shouldered the 25-06...then suddenly lightning flashed across the night sky from an approaching storm - the hog took off like a scared mouse.

I guarded that feeder (from inside my house of course...and up until bedtime) every night hoping to see him again. I put out my trail camera and got only 1 picture of him at 3:00am. I thought he was un-killable. But to my surprise the next 8:15pm with the sun quickly going down - the monster hog was back and he had the protein feeder almost broke into. Without hesitation I grabbed my Mathews XT and quietly went out the door - my heart was going ninety to nothing. The sound of that hog slamming his head into the feeder was unbelievable - this big boy was HUGE!!! At 25 yards I let it fly - the arrow looked good - I was pumped. I waited about 10 minutes then returned with the 25-06 & flashlight. Yes I was scared - if you'd seen this hog standing on all fours - he'd make you think twice about walking up to him, alone and at night. After a short tracking job - he was finished - the arrow was true. But I still didn't walk up to him - I promise you that you wouldn't have either. He was a scary critter!! But at first light I was there. I couldn't believe it - HE WAS INCREADIBLE. I went back, woke Brandy & Hunter to help take pictures. Hunter and I almost had a father & son moment if you know what I mean - just trying to get the hog rolled over to take a picture. He was more than we could handle. We got the tractor and weighed him - 407 lbs - over 6' long.

About six weeks after I arrowed the big hog - my protein feeder was damaged again. I couldn't believe it - did I have another monster hog? It wasn't long before I saw him under the lights. He was big and I was going to get this one on film. I didn't have my camera equipment at home so I just watched this big boar from about 10:45pm to 11:10pm. I got frustrated with him eating the protein so I kept turning my outside security lights on and off until he ran off. It took about a week before he came back in but I was ready. This time Brandy and I slowly went out the back door - I slammed him at 22 yards. I didn't even look for him that night and the next morning I caught up with him about 100 yards away. I called my buddy Clint Creel and he bought over his 4-wheeler to help drag him out. This boar weighed in at 310lbs.

What I've Learned:
Big hogs are a lot like big mature bucks. They don't move until after dark or when in rut mode. If it wasn't for the lights I would have never shot these two monster boars. If you have hogs on your place try rigging up your feeder with a light. It's a blast. I know running electricity is probably out of the question but Elusive Wildlife Technologies has the answer. They've came up with a hog light called the KillLight - it's awesome. For more info contact Chad Stevenson at

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