Bowhunters Journal
Night Time Hog Hunting
June 28, 2010

Hunter: Matt Moore, Chad Stevenson, Scott York
Camera: Steve Hurd, Shane Steele
Dates: June 19-20
Location: Texas
Weather: Hot & Dry
Weapons: Mathews DXT & Ten Point Crossbow; Elusive Wildlife's Kill Light, T1 Broadheads, Dead Down Wind
Strategies: Hog hunting in Texas is 365/24/7. No bag limits. Tons of fun.

When the Texas heat reaches well above 90 degrees, the hogs become nocturnal. With the help of Elusive Wildlife Technologies we can now hunt at night, thanks to “The Kill Light”. The Kill Light is simple. It attaches to the bottom of your corn feeder to give you a “green glow” to see hogs. And it makes for a fun night time hunt.

The Hunt:
I got the invite to join CTD pro-staffers Steve Hurd, Shane Steele & Chad Stevenson for a weekend night time hog hunt. The guys had already done their homework. The bow stands were set up, corn feeders in place and Kill Lights installed. I arrived on stand at about 9:30 pm, yes 9:30pm. Sounds strange getting on stand after dark. Well it was simple, even before the feeder went off, I had already slammed a hog under the kill light, a 2 year old sow. The next night we moved to another setup. The feeder went off at 10:00pm and at 10:01pm two hogs were under the kill light. I shot and the hunt was over. On the other end of the ranch pro-staffer Chad Stevenson had killed 3 hogs in one night and the week before Scott York slammed 5 hogs in one night. Needless to say we've got a super sweet all night time hog episode coming up soon. For more info on the Kill Light and how to get started in night time hog hunting just visit

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