Bowhunters Journal
Military Warriors Event
June 29, 2008

Camera: Cody Weems, Matt Moore
Dates: November 16th & 17th, 2007
Location: Brackettville, TX
Weather: warm, mid 70's
Phase: pre-rut
Weapons: Savage 300 WinMag
Strategies: Box Blinds overlooking corn feeders

Back during the summer I received a call from General Leroy Sisco (ret). Leroy invited us to be apart of the Military Warriors Support Banquet. The plan was to have 24 recently wounded soldiers come together for a night of support and entertainment. Then treat them on an all expense paid deer hunt. Our job was to film the event for an upcoming episode for "Closing the Distance".

The banquet was great! It was held at the AT&T Center in San Antonio. Texas Governor Rick Perry was the keynote speaker followed by country music singer Clay Walker. We all received VIP treatment and the AT&T center was full of military supporters and Clay Walker fans. We had an awesome time.

The Hunt:
Friday morning all of the military warriors and volunteers meet up and made their way to 6 different ranches in South Texas. My group was composed of Staff Sgt. Thomas Lee, Spec. Mark Roseberry, Cpl. Ryan Foster and Staff Sgt. Scott Adams. Volunteers Bruce & Ryan McNabb and Legacy Outfitter volunteers Rick Wilson and Ed Eichelhorse. Our group was to hunt at the Dos Angeles Ranch, just south of Brackettville, TX.

We arrived at the ranch around noon, help the soldiers' sight in their new Savage rifles and then made our way out to hunt that evening. Mark Roseberry harvested the only buck of the evening, a nice 3 year old eight-point management buck.

The next morning we had an early wake-up call and were back out for the mornings hunt. I was filming Scott Adams and about 8:30 am Scott had a 4 year old 8-pointer down. I believe I was more excited than him. I know I got too carried away with the high-fives and back slaps. I totally forgot that Scott had been severely burned in combat with over 40% of his body receiving 3rd degree burns. I know I had to irritate his wounds with my excitement, (sorry Scott). We loaded up Scott's buck and made our way over to pick up cameraman Cody Weems & soldier Thomas Lee. When we were pulling up Thomas & Cody were on the ground filming the recovery. Thomas harvested a 3-year old 7 pointer. The buck walked between two pond dams only 50 yards from their box blind. Thomas made a great shot! Later on that afternoon Cody filmed Ryan Foster harvest an eight pointer. In only a day and a half all the soldiers had harvested bucks.

Getting the chance to be apart of this Military Warriors event was a huge blessing. There's not enough room in this short story to say what it meant to meet the wounded soldiers and help out with the event. The soldiers' dedication and personal sacrifice to our country can never be repaid. Please log back on to our web site for more information concerning this event and when this episode will air.

If you would like to be apart of this Military Warriors Organization log on to

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